FrankAdvice creates great policy advice to support

better decisions.

We are a people-focused, policy advisory consultancy based in Wellington, providing strategic direction to help organisations make better decisions through quality consultancy.

Our team has worked extensively across the New Zealand government and with NGOs.

The real value of our work is realised when decisions change and people live better lives as a result of the insight generated.

How we can help

We partner with you on:

Critical thinking and advice

Engagement and workshop facilitation

Impact assessments and policy frameworks

Strategies and action plans

A3s and design work

Submissions analysis

Policy capability building and training

We believe that learning together makes for more effective decision-making. That’s why our sister company, FrankCapability, supports you and your team to improve your policy quality through a capability development programme that focuses on team and organisational capability, policy skills, and various aspects of delivering better quality advice.

Topics covered in the programme range from high-level policy team infrastructure to the nuts and bolts of the policy toolkit. FrankCapability also offers bespoke courses to meet your specific needs.

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