Natural and Built Environments Bill: Analysis of the Environment Committee's response to Local Government Submissions

Local Government NZ

Local government has significant interest in a number of major reform programmes underway. One of these is the Resource Management Act 1991 which government intends to repeal and replace with three pieces of legislation. The Natural and Built Environments Bill is the main piece and Government released an exposure draft in June 2021. Uniquely, the Bill is following a two-stage select committee process with the Environment Committee first conducting an Inquiry into the exposure draft before introduction into the House. LGNZ contracted FrankAdvice to analyse the submissions of local government to the Environment Committee’s Inquiry, and produce a report about how, and to what extent, the Committee had taken local government submissions into account in its final report to Parliament.

This work involved analysis of high volumes of information, with over 50 written submissions analysed by theme and conclusions made about whether the Committee had taken those themes on board.