Public Service Gender Pay Gap Action Plan progress report

Te Kawa Mataaho, Public Service Commission2021

FrankAdvice drafted the final progress report on the 2018-2020 Public Service gender pay gap Action Plan. A key finding of the report is that, as a result of the Action Plan, the gender pay gap reduced by 30%. The report was publicly released in mid-November 2021 alongside Kia Toipoto, the new Public Service Pay Gap Action Plan 2021-24.

FrankAdvice worked closely with the Gender Pay Taskforce, senior leaders at Te Kawa Mataaho and multiple government agencies. The report canvassed progress against each commitment the Action Plan had made, summarising the factors that contributed to its success as well as the challenges encountered.

To accompany the report, FrankAdvice developed a one-page data visualisation showing progress across the period of the Action Plan, as well as six case studies illustrating the successes and challenges of different public service agencies.