Frank is kind

to ourselves and others

  • We meet our clients where they are
  • We listen to our clients: to be heard is to feel valued

Frank is rigorous

New Zealanders deserve the best

  • Our work meets our clients’ expectations for high quality
  • We engage with clients to understand the ‘unstated’ as well as the stated
  • We test our thinking early and often with our clients, so we have the ability to change course as they, and we, learn more

Frank is generous

we offer our time and share our ideas

  • We engage with energy and passion to deliver a rewarding experience, every time
  • We form true partnerships with our clients, based on our respective strengths to make progress together

Frank is patient

the answer will come

  • We are flexible: understanding what we can control and what we can’t
  • We understand sometimes clients don’t know exactly what they want and we help them work through that