Expanded Monitoring Framework

Aroturuki Tamariki | Independent Children's Monitor2022 - 2023

How will the Independent Children’s Monitor go about monitoring the entire Oranga Tamariki system? To prepare for an expansion in their functions, FrankAdvice worked with Aroturuki Tamariki to expand their monitoring framework – from only monitoring the National Care Standards, to monitoring the whole system.

Drawing on the expertise of FrankAdvice team members, we began with an in-depth exercise to define the full scope of the Monitor’s role under its new legislative framework. This required analysis of the new legislation and the legislative framework that governs Oranga Tamariki,

FrankAdvice then designed and facilitated engagements – including workshops, interviews and meetings -with members of the Monitor and with people across government departments to gather input on where the Monitor should focus, and how.

We used this information to develop a set of ‘big questions’ for the Monitor to use to interrogate the performance of the Oranga Tamariki system. We then assisted the Monitor to scope and develop quantitative measures for these questions, based both on what information currently exists and what could be collected. To complement these measures, we also developed quantitative measures for the Monitor’s existing Outcomes Framework. To support the Monitor’s growth, we also developed visual journey maps of children’s experiences through the Oranga Tamariki system, identifying key decision-making points.

For more see: https://icm.org.nz/what-we-do/guiding-documents/our-big-questions-explained