Workshop facilitation

Alzheimers NZ2023, 2024

How can Alzheimers NZ and its members better support people with dementia mate wareware?


Drawing on the expertise of our team in working with NGOs to progress positive social change, FrankAdvice loved working with Alzheimers NZ recently to design and deliver two workshops. The first for their Board, team and Membership organisations to plan for the future of community-based dementia services, the second, to prepare for a strategic planning process.

FrankAdvice worked closely with the client to ensure the design and facilitation of the workshops would achieve their intended outcomes while allowing enough flexibility and creativity in the agenda to allow for challenges and opportunities to be openly discussed in a constructive way. Our experienced facilitators guided workshop participants through difficult conversations, using openness and honesty, on issues ranging from capability and capacity, funding and organisational form. The design of the workshops ensured people with lived experience of dementia were able to participate effectively. Our comprehensive workshop write ups assisted the team at Alzheimers NZ to consolidate learning and focus on next steps.